OAH Members Farina King and Erik Loomis Complete Japanese Residencies

The OAH would like to congratulate OAH members Farina King and Erik Loomis who recently returned from Japan after particpating in the Japan Residencies Program. Both scholars spent time with students and faculty, gave lectures, and facilitated seminars during their time at Otsuma Women's University and Senshu University respectively.

OAH members Farina King and Erik Loomis standing with students of a Japanese university
OAH members pose for a picture with University of Tokyo students (left to right: Kaori Yamazaki, Erik Loomis, Akane Takahashi and Farina King)

In cooperation with and support from the Japan-United States Friendship Commission, the OAH and the JAAS send two U.S. scholars to Japan for two weeks each summer and also bring three Japanese graduate students to the United States to facilitate their research as part of the Japan Residencies Program. Learn more about the Japan Residencies Award Program

Posted: June 16, 2022
Tagged: News of the Organization