OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program Welcomes New Speakers in 2021

Meet The New Lecturers

The Organization of American Historians’ Distinguished Lectureship Program welcomes the addition of 23 historians, appointed by OAH President Philip J. Deloria. The new lecturers join a roster of nearly 600 prominent scholars who speak to audiences across the country on all aspects of U. S. history.

Distinguished Lecturers can be scheduled virtually or in-person to headline events and commemorations and to bring context to today's most pertinent and perplexing issues.

This year’s accomplished group of lecturers offers historical expertise in topics including: slavery, women’s rights; sports and recreation; old age; gender; elections and voting rights; civil rights; crime and violence; public history and memory; environmental history; LGBTQ+; legal and constitutional history; Early National history; Latino/a history; African American history; and intellectual history, among others.

“OAH’s Distinguished Lecturers increase public awareness of our nation's history and help the organization fulfill its mission of promoting excellence in history and encouraging wide discussion of historical questions,” says OAH Executive Director, Beth English. “We congratulate this year’s cohort of lecturers and sincerely thank them for their service to OAH and the profession."

The OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program, now in its 40th year, has been an important outreach activity of the OAH since its creation in 1981 by OAH President Gerda Lerner. Participants of the program agree to donate one lecture fee per academic year to the OAH during their extendable three-year term.

José M. Alamillo (California State University, Channel Islands) • Mary Sarah Bilder (Boston College Law School) • Nicole Burrowes (Rutgers University, New Brunswick) • Stan Deaton (Georgia Historical Society) • Christa Dierksheide (University of Virginia) • Ashley D. Farmer (University of Texas, Austin) • Corinne T. Field (University of Virginia) • Tanisha C. Ford (The Graduate Center, CUNY) • Liette Gidlow (Wayne State University) • Anthea M. Hartig (Smithsonian National Museum of American History) • Kate Haulman (American University) • Kenneth Janken (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) • Max Krochmal (Texas Christian University) • Rosina Lozano (Princeton University) • W. Caleb McDaniel (Rice University) • Kathryn Morse (Middlebury College) • Sowande' Mustakeem (Washington University in St. Louis) • Lydia R. Otero (The University of Arizona) • Alison M. Parker (University of Delaware) • Robert Parkinson (Binghamton University) • Robyn C. Spencer (Lehman College, CUNY) • Carl Suddler (Emory University) • Karin Wulf (William & Mary)

For a complete list of participating speakers and topics, upcoming lectures, information about costs and how to schedule a speaker, visit www.oah.org/lectures

Posted: August 27, 2021
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