Confidence = Empowerment

What is the number-one reason scholars struggle to publish their first book?

Lack of confidence.

Convinced that their careers are at stake and intimidated by the ostensible authority of acquisitions editors, they abandon themselves to the system. Their proposals get rejected with cursory form letters or their manuscripts get stuck in peer review. And their self-doubt seems justified.

You have confidence in your expertise. You have confidence in the value of your research. Now you need confidence in your skills as an author – the skills for writing an appealing proposal, identifying perspective publishers, negotiating with editors, and navigating peer review.

Make an appointment with me at the 2019 OAH Annual Meeting to develop your strategy for securing a book contract. (There’s no charge!)

Feel empowered – and go forward with confidence.

Melody Herr, PhD

A veteran acquiring editor, Melody Herr, PhD, has more than 16 years of experience working for scholarly publishers. Her most recent book is Writing and Publishing Your Book: A Guide for Experts in Every Field (Greenwood, 2017).

Melody is presenting the “Crafting Your Book Proposal and Attracting a Publisher” Saturday, 6 April, 8:00am–9:30 am at the 2019 OAH Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

Posted: March 5, 2019
Tagged: Professional Development, Conference