Fall Executive Board Meeting

The Executive Board met for their annual fall meeting in Chicago December 9. During the meeting, the board took the following actions:

  • Approved the consent agenda as presented in the 2017 Fall Board Book of the April 6, 2017, meeting and all committee reports.
  • Approved a resolution of gratitude and thanks to OAH Director of Operations Nancy Croker for her service to the Organization. (Ms. Croker retired on December 31, 2017.)
  • The OAH recognizes and thanks former OAH Membership Committee members and previous chairs Cary Winz and Steve Kneeshaw for their many years of service.
  • Approved the appointments to OAH committees and boards as set by the OAH Committee on Committees.
  • The OAH thanks all Distinguished Lecturers who donated one or more lecture fee to the OAH in the past fiscal year.
  • Approved the request of the LGBTQ committee to expand the size of their committee by one for the inclusion of a graduate student member.
  • Approved AHA statement on contingent faculty.
  • Approved OAH participation in the American Council of Learned Societies’ effort to effectively and quickly issue statements on pressing matters as appropriate.
  • Approved endorsing the revised AHA statement on Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment standards.
  • Approved the recipient of the 2018 Friend of History Award.
  • Approved the recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Service Award.
  • Approved the removal of the Distinguished Service Award nominations from the OAH Election Ballot. Nominations will now be directly solicited from the membership via Update.
  • Accepted the FY 2016-2017 Auditor’s Report showing total revenues of $3,834,019 and expenses of $3,457,664 and a net overall gain (restricted and unrestricted assets) of $376,355.

Posted: February 9, 2018
Tagged: OAH Works, From the Executive Director