Clio's Kudos | 2.9.2018

Congratulations to the following members who won awards at the American Historical Association's annual meeting in January:

  • Matthew Karp, John H. Dunning Prize
  • Laura K. Munoz, William and Edwyna Gilbert Award
  • Sarah Haley, Joan Kelly Memorial Prize
  • Risa Goluboff, Littleton-Griswold Prize
  • James T. Kloppenberg, George L. Mosse Prize
  • Roger Horowitz, Dorothy Rosenberg Prize
  • Keisha N. Blain and Ibram X. Kendi, Roy Rosenzweig Prize
  • Sowande' M. Mustakeem, Wesley-Logan Prize
  • Laura M. Westhoff, Eugene Asher Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Gustavo Carrera, Beveridge Family Teaching Prize
  • Lorena Oropeza, Equity Award
  • Lonnie G. Bunch III, Herbert Feis Award


Congratulations also to the OAH members who have been awarded NEH funding for their projects:

  • Charissa Threat, Race, Gender, and African American Pin-up Girls during World War II
  • Alison LaCroix, Union, Commerce, and Slavery in the U.S. Constitution from the War of 1812 to the Civil War
  • Catherine Stewart, African American Women and Domestic Service during the New Deal
  • Kate Masur, Race, Liberty, and Policing before the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • Renee Ater, Contemporary Monuments to the History of Slavery: Race, Memorialization, Public Space, and Civil Engagement
  • Lerone Martin, J. Edgar Hoover's Stained Glass Window: The FBI, Religion, and National Security in American History, 1935-72
  • Claire Arcenas, The Influence of Philosopher John Locke (1632-1704) on American Thought and Culture
  • Judith Weisenfeld, Psychiatry, Race, and African American Religions in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
  • Fay Yarbrough, Choctaw Confederates: The American Civil War in Indian Country

Posted: February 9, 2018
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